Amazon Día 1

“Today we hiked to a sacred waterfall. It was a pretty easy 20 minute hike each way with a lot of mud. Fuyu said it used to be a 2 hour long hike but they added a road (I’m glad). We were greeted by the keeper of the waterfall and his daughter. He talked about the waterfall and it’s traditions. Before we went in we had to get our faces painted as part of the ceremony. They paint lines to represent rays of sun and dots to represent stars. The waterfall is part of a cleansing ceremony that usually is done naked, but we all went in in our bathing suits. We were also told that if you fall when walking around the waterfall it’s bad luck. The water was freezing cold but everyone had fun anyways and couldn’t be happier afterword. Apparently there are negative ions in the waterfall that make you feel pleasure and feel happy. We then returned and ate chicken cooked in banana leaves with yuca and rice. We drank a sweet very caffeinated tea called guayusa with it so hopefully we all sleep tonight. We then watched a goodbye ceremony and all hiked the twenty minutes back to the car. We saw a giant tarantula on the walk. We might not have hiked very much but something we did was exhausting as everyone fell asleep in the car ride back to the hotel.”

Sílvia Linnea

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