Today’s Prompt Was…

“Today’s prompt was ‘what are you going to take with you and what are you going to leave behind?’ What comes to mind is the saying that my Dad always says to me, ‘leave only footprints, and take only pictures.’ I am definitely going to leave and take more than that though. Yes we are leaving behind footprints but it is much more than that, it is our memory.  There are big things and there of little things that we’re leaving behind.  The big thing that comes to my mind is the impression and metaphorical footprint we are leaving behind with the kids we taught. I’m not sure how much the kids will remember but I think that for some it might have been a life-changing experience or just a new experience in general.  But I’m taking is the memory of this beautiful place, of my family, and the insightful experience I had.  Yes I’m taking trinkets and things to help me remember, but the most important things are lessons I learned.  People say learn from your mistakes and indeed I have. I have learned from the mistakes I made in Spanish, the mistakes I made teaching, and the misconceptions or assumptions I might have had about traveling in a group of friends for three weeks. I am leaving a family behind in Bulan but I’m also taking with me a new one, our group. I am taking away a lot from this trip and my only hope is I’m going to leave just as much.” Ezme / Ela


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